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Revocation of Trust

This Revocation of Trust is made this _________(1)________ day of ________(2) ________, __________(3)________. WHEREAS, on the ________(4)_______ day of ________(2)________, _____(3) ______, I created by written declaration of a revocable trust a copy of which is attached hereto, and having reserved the right to revoke, annual and cancel said trust and the declaration creating it, [...]

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Assignment of Life Insurance Policy as Collateral

1. Assignment. For value received, _______(1)_______, of _________(2) ___________, assignor, hereby assigns, transfers, and delivers to _________(3)___________, of _________(4)_________, assignee, __(5)__ successors or assigns, policy No. __(6)___, issued by ________(7)_________, insurer, and any supplementary contract issued in connection therewith on the life of ______(8)_________, of ________(9) __________, and all my right, title, and interest therein [...]

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