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Employment Offer And Contract

Employee Name ___________________________________ Date __________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________ Dear _____________________: We are pleased to offer you a position with ____________________________ (“Company”). Your start date, manager, compensation, benefits, and other terms of employment will be as set forth below and on EXHIBIT A.   TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT 1. Position and Duties. Company shall employ you, and you [...]

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Employee’s Release – Personal Injury Claims

Release executed on _______________________ (month & day), _________ (year), by ___________________________ (name) ___________________________________ (address), here referred to as releasor, to ____________________________________ (name), a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of _________________, of (or, if a corporation: with its principal place of business located at) ______________ ______________________________________ (address), here referred to as company. RECITALS [...]

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